Visitor Comments

Here is what some famous personalities / guests have said about Osho Tapoban.

  • I had the occasion of visiting Osho Tapoban and I must confess it, I was very much impressed to see the dedication of Sw. Anand Arun Acharya to keep Rajneesh Philosophy so alive, here in far away Nepal… This is a very peaceful place and I fully enjoyed staying here.

    Rt Hon. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai (Former Prime Minister of Nepal)
  • A most enchanting and peaceful place. I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Osho Tapoban. Mind becomes silent. The dedication of Sw Arun is an example.

    Rt. Hon Sher Bahadur Deuba(Former Prime Minister Of Nepal)
  • Would love to come and enjoy the peace. Inner as well as outer peace.

    Rajesh Hamal, Actor
  • Its just out of the world. Being here is mediation by itself.

    Vipin Arora, Vice-president, Life positive
  • One of the most fascinating places I have visited. The silence, breathtaking view, the exquisite peace of this place is an experience in itself. I would love to come here again and again

    Anupama Bhattacharya, Editor, Life Positive Plus
  • Osho Tapoban is located in an ideal environment apt for spiritual up-liftment, as if it is blessed by the tapas of Nagarjuna. This place is the boon for the sincere sadhakas of Nepal.

    Br. Harish Chaitanya
  • A valuable service is being rendered through this center…

    Bimala Thakkar (A renowned Disciple of Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Remarkable peaceful! looking forward for spending more time here….

    Manisha Koirala (Famous Film actress)
  • Lovely place

    Vinod Khanna (Film Actor and the member of the Indian Parliament)
  • Wonderful location, most suitable for meditation. Osho’s divine force is fully charged here. People from allover the earth will come to this center in the 21st century

    Maharshi ParamJyoti (Mystic from Tamilnadu , India)
  • Wonderful location. Most suited for meditation. Osho’s thought force is fully charged here. His followers are spreading Osho’s Philosophy throughout the world and my good wishes for their efforts. People from all over the world will come to this center in 21 century.

    Maharishi Dr. Paramjotti, Tamilnadu, India
  • I have traveled half way across the world to realize that hope for mankind still shines in the eyes of many.

    Raymond P. Lefebvre, Canada
  • It was good visit this abode of peace.

    Hon. Dev Mukharjee, Former Ambassador of India to Nepal.
  • Tapoban is a very holy place. I am enchanted by the strong energy field at Osho Samadhi. I had the most beautiful spiritual experiences here, which I can not describe in words

    Sw. Bramhananda (Spiritual Master form Himanchal)
  • It is such a lush green beautiful place that Osho loves it and is here with his seekers. I love this place and would like to come again and again to be with my fellow travelers

    Ma Yog Neelam (Osho secretary for India)