7-day No Mind Meditation Therapy : 1-7 Dec

7-day No Mind Meditation Therapy : 1-7 Dec

Tapoban invites you for a 7 Days of No Mind Meditation Therapy.
Available for Residential as well as online session.
For Residential options please call our office at +977 984-7807082 on Mobile or WhatsApp
The seven-day retreat will be led by Swami Krishna Mohan.

For Online (zoom) session Register HERE
A confirmation email will be sent after the completion of registration and contribution.

Date: 1-7 Dec, 2021
India IST - 2:15PM
Nepal NPT - 2:30PM
Get more times: https://bit.ly/NoMindTherapyTimings

What is No Mind?
The mind is the most restless and disturbed faculty of the contemporary human, and every person today is trying to deal with it. No-Mind meditation therapy is a combination of ancient meditation techniques and modern psychological therapy that can help a person to instantly experience a state of no-mind or a mind that is free of a chaotic flow of thoughts.

It is a seven-day course, which includes one hour of gibberish and one hour of silent sitting. The duration of seven days has been specially designated so that a deeper cleansing can happen on all the seven chakras in our body.

This technique can quickly help a participant to become more calm, silent, and in control of one's thoughts. On a deeper level, it helps us to get rid of our repressed emotions and helps us understand our unconscious and the patterns that it creates.

For more info:
Osho Tapoban, Nagarjun Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal, P.O BOX: 278

Call/ WhatsApp/Viber +977 9847807082
+977-9818114800, 9845127901
+977-1-5112012, 5112013
Email: osho@tapoban.com, osho.tapoban@gmail.com, info@tapoban.com

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