7-day No Mind Group : March 1-7

7-day No Mind Group : March 1-7

Tapoban invites you for a 7 Days of No Mind Therapy. REGISTER HERE
The seven-day retreat will be led by Swami Krishna Mohan. Register Now for this phenomenal process!
Available for Residential as well as online session.

For Residential options please call our office at +977 984-7807082 on Mobile or WhatsApp

A confirmation email will be sent after the completion of registration and contribution.

What is No Mind?
The mind is the most restless and disturbed faculty of the contemporary human, and every person today is trying to deal with it. No-Mind meditation therapy is a combination of ancient meditation techniques and modern psychological therapy that can help a person to instantly experience a state of no-mind or a mind that is free of a chaotic flow of thoughts.

It is a seven-day course, which includes one hour of gibberish and one hour of silent sitting. The duration of seven days has been specially designated so that a deeper cleansing can happen on all the seven chakras in our body.

This technique can quickly help a participant to become more calm, silent, and in control of one's thoughts. On a deeper level, it helps us to get rid of our repressed emotions and helps us understand our unconscious and the patterns that it creates.

March 1-7 , 2021

India IST - 2:45PM
Nepal NPT - 3:00PM

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