OSHO NEO VIPASSANA: 17-23 May 2022

OSHO NEO VIPASSANA: 17-23 May 2022

7-day Vipassana Session.
An effective witnessing technique.
Osho's Vipassana differs from the traditional Buddhist technique. The traditional approach can be rigorous, and Osho's way is more friendly and relaxed, less serious. This technique helps us to become a watcher of everything within and out. Whatever emotion passes on the screen of our heart, remaining a witness we don't get involved, don't get identified, don't evaluate what is good, what is bad and open ourselves to choice-less awareness.

May 17-23, 2022

Available for Residential session.
For Residential options
Fresh PCR test with Covid negative report mandatory. 
Please call our office at +977 984-7807082 on Mobile or WhatsApp

For more info:
Osho Tapoban, Nagarjun Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal, P.O BOX: 278

+977-9818114800, 9845127901
+977-1-5112012, 5112013
Call/ WhatsApp/Viber +977 9847807082
Email: osho@tapoban.com, osho.tapoban@gmail.com, info@tapoban.com

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