Psychosomatic Stretching Therapy (PST): 27-29 April 2021

Psychosomatic Stretching Therapy (PST): 27-29 April 2021

This therapy is designed to reach and integrate body-mind resources to touch inner calmness.
This retreat will open the hidden energy flow in the body with specific techniques and mind to reach its luminosity.

- Release body blocks to wholistic feeling of peacefulness.
- Express respressed negative reservoir of energy to reach lightness of body-mind.
- To learn the art of listening to inner talk of the body to reach body wellbeing.
- Understand expanding (vyayam) and contracting (sankuchan) energy flow in the body and use simple stretching techniques to quiet the mind.
- To understand anxiety as thought waves and harmonious thoughts.
- Learn the art
- Reach purity of body.

Tentative Schedule:
7:00-9:00am Stretching.
9:00-9:45am Meditation on Chakras
9:45-11:00am Lunch Break
11:00-12:00pm Body Wisdom Sharing
12:15-1:15pm Passive alertness (Open witnessing) Meditation
1:15-2:00pm Breathe to Big Mind
2:00-3:00pm Break
3:30-4:30pm Meditation Session
5:00-6:00pm Kundalini Meditation
6:30-8:00pm Body work
8:00pm Dinner & rest

For more info:
Osho Tapoban, Nagarjun Hills, Kathmandu, Nepal, P.O BOX: 278
+977-9818114800, 9845127901
+977-1-5112012, 5112013
Call/ WhatsApp/Viber +977 9847807082


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