Accommodations are primarily meant for members of the commune, participants of the meditation camps, spiritual seekers and lovers of nature.

1) Deluxe Room

2) Suite Room

Accomodation includes 3 vegetarian meals, daily six meditations, Yoga classes and can participate in our meditation camps.


1) Maroon and white robe is compulsory for the meditation. You can also buy it from our office.
2) All the participants are requested to wear maroon robes during our meditation sessions from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. And it is recommended to wear white robe in evening satsang (White robe celebration).
3) One need to book in advance for group therapies, 7 Days Transformation Meditation camp and 21 Days Intensive Transformation Meditation retreat.

Work & Stay program

Those who stay 3 months or more than 3 months and devote 4 hours daily service to the commune can be our part time volunteers.

(For volunteers availability limited. They have to apply when they come here. Will have to fill up the form with recent photograph. Management Committee will decide in a week. Person applying for this facility preferably should have previous commune living experience and/or should have some skill needed in the commune.)

For more info:
Phone: +977-1-5112012, 5112013
+977-9818114800, 9845127901
Call/ WhatsApp/Viber +977 9847807082

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