Osho Tapoban is an international commune and forest retreat centre. Perched in the lush green Nagarjuna forest, the commune offers various courses on yoga, meditation, psychotherapies and alternate healing as designed by Osho. The commune welcomes more than eight hundred visitors from ninety different countries every year and provides an opportunity for a new way of living – with more awareness, sensitivity, relaxation, celebration and creativity. Many options for self-exploration are available throughout the year in the form of meditation camps and therapies.

More detailed information can be obtained on request. Write us at: osho.tapoban@gmail.com

Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir

Located at the heart of Osho Tapoban, is a beautifully designed meditation hall (Rajneesh Dhyan Mandir ), This hall accommodates up to 200 people for regular meditation and 500 people for discourses. It is built in Pagoda style and resembles the shape of a shiv linga. Daily meditation activities are conducted in this meditation hall.

Osho Samadhi

At the sacred place where the Buddhist saint Nagarjuna attained his ultimate Enlightenment 2000 years ago, Osho lovers have created a beautiful Osho Samadhi with granite and white marble. surrounded by spring water, where the holy remains of Osho are buried. It is a state of art architecture that can be found in Nepal and is a symbolic representation of the eternity.

Sculpture Garden

A beautiful sculpture garden has been developed at Tapoban consisting of many valuable beautiful statues like Buddha, LaotZu, Lord Ganesh, Ardhanarishwor, Lord Shiva etc. Many more are still under construction. These sculptures are an artists impression of the respective deities.

Flora And Fauna

Osho Tapoban has a variety of flowers, native trees and wild life. Occasionally wild animals such as deer, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards, Bears are spotted among the dense green forest. Osho Tapoban is becoming popular among the bird watchers and nature lovers. People come here to enjoy the beauty of nature. Beautiful waterfalls within the commune creates a serene meditative atmosphere

Dev Teertha book center and Nagarjuna Gift center

Dev Teertha book center has a good collection of about 700 titles of Oshos books in English and Hindi and hundreds of Audio, Video tapes, digital discs and video cds. It also houses literature of mystics from all over the world. A wide range of books, audio and video tapes, CDs, magazines, gowns and gift items are available for sale in the Nagarjuna gift center.

Shivapuri Baba Silence Temple

The recently completed Shiv puri Baba Silence Temple is the first of such kind in Nepal. It houses a beautiful white sculpture of Shivpuri Baba who lived in Nepal during the last days of his life. This beautiful place is available for Silent Sitting for Meditators.

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