Osho is a contemporary enlightened mystic, visionary and a rebel. He designed over six hundred techniques of meditation. These scientifically designed techniques unleash a powerful and joyous dynamism between body-mind, creating an effortless and spontaneous backdrop for meditation.

Born in the small city of Kuchwada in India in 1931, Osho attained enlightenment at the age of twenty-one on 21st March 1953. Osho started his spiritual work in the early Seventies and in no time attracted the attention of seekers from all around the world. Thousands of young people flocked to the exotic ashram in Pune, India to meditate in his presence. Later in 1981, Osho travelled to America, where he established his spiritual commune, Rajneeshpuram. During 1985-1986 Osho also made a world tour and travelled to 21 different countries including Nepal. Osho had a love affair with the Himalayas. He instructed Swami Anand Arun to start looking for the land where, finally, his dream of Himalayan commune would come true. Through his grace, the dream did come true. Today, Osho Tapoban is a thriving spiritual community, which hosts people from more than ninety countries every year.

Osho has authored more than 700 volumes of English and Hindi books, which were recorded from his extemporaneous lectures given to his disciples and media. Written on his epitaph over his Samadhi in Kathmandu are his words:

Never Born
Never Died
Only Visited This
Planet Earth Between
Dec 11 1931- Jan 19 1990

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