6 July-6 Aug, Meditation Retreat in USA & Canada

6 July-6 Aug, Meditation Retreat in USA & Canada

Join us for Osho Meditation retreats in USA/Canada this summer with Swami Anand Arun. Below are the dates and details. Contact organizers for prices and specifics.





July 6-8 New York
Osho Sadhana/Sammasati Open Center,  oshosammasatiopencenter@gmail.com
732.423.6261, 718.644.7077  http://www.oshonewyork.com/osho-meditation-retreat-with-swami-anand-arun-july-6-8/ 
email: sw.anandnarinder@gmail.com

July 13-16, Toronto, Canada
Concat: Ma Anupama / oshotoronto.ca@gmail.com / 647.405.2768

July 20-22, Washington D.C.
Contact: Ma Nirdhum (703.946.4093), Swami Subarna (571.480.2231) / oshosangham@gmail.com

July 27-29, Osho Nirvana Ashram, San Diego
contact: Purnima/Krishnananda / 760.407.6746  / oshosandiego@gmail.com

August 3-6, Vancouver, BC
Contact: Ma Lila (604.445.9932), Swami Yatri (778.846.3700)  / infoshovancouver@gmail.com
Venue: Sts’ailes Lhawathet Lalem – 16300 Morris Valley, Handerson Mills, BC

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